2013-11-29 08.21.34

Playing ironball(MC Soccer) with some other players.


First JoiningEdit

Billy(its me)first joined hc in april. He bought an apartment off Killer9725, then he bought a plot in Swampcity and started a shop(Its still there lol).Billy then didnt play much in may and early june but then i started playing again. He then started an apartment building with his brother, before then buying a store in Impersonator's new City, North Bay. This gave billy a bit more money, and he then did some gov jobs to get even more.

Middle TimesEdit

I started a forums account on the first day of spring in september, after then I felt like leaving after a few things, but ever since i have never looked back. I got a City, and now I am in charge of the olympics
2013-10-04 00.31.16

On the way to the battle palace with ArcticWinter,Zelreedy, Kn3wn, THE_HULK and Samuel33arce