Prudential Real Estate, Inc., also known by its primary subsidiary Prudential, is a major company that provides real estate services involving apartments & land. Principal products and services provided include apartment purchases, and special leases. Prudential currently provides services to individual members seeking land or apartments on the server. Prudential has operations in every major city except for the Central City & Swamp City and has organized its principal operations into Sales & Services.

Prudential is currently valued around $90-100,000 in monetary & real estate form. The company uses the Rock of Gibraltar as its logo.


 Prudential was founded by airlineguy62 on November 10, 2013, and in less than a day, happyman224 was brought into the organization. The company grew rapidly because both members had worked in the industry before and had many assets that could be folded into the company. PRE managed to gain significant ground in RiverCity during the opening stages.


Currently Prudential is in charge of many properties, the largest ones being Cabintown, Prudential Charleston, and the World Trade Center. The company owns at least 8 BUILDINGS, not including Cabintown.

Profit : 1,000 -> 1,500 daily, most reinvested

Founded : November 10th, 2013

Serves:  Charleston, Valley City, North Bay, River City, Sky City

Headquarters : Prudential Center RiverCity

Founder(s) : Airlineguy62, Happyman224

Employees : Estimated around 10