On July 28 2017, something hit the suburbs of the city of Ashford causing many roads to be damaged and a fire to burn many houses. Due to photographic evidence, Solaris missiles seems to be responsible for the catastrophe. During the fire, Dylad said a phrase like the Nazis did "Hail Solaris" (it is only like what the Nazis said they did not say hail Solaris) and shouted in chat "Destroy it, Destroy". Though I harbor hate towards him due to an incident, this is strictly based on fact.

We all know that Solaris has been preparing nuclear missiles for a while. As early as April they announced the nukes existence. We checked a nuke picture from around the attack. We found out that two missiles were gone. A missile could be up in the sky right now or took part in this catastrophe.

Due to this catastrophe a number of cities are prepared for war and one city (Summerville) declared war along with the rest of the triangle group. We found that luckily only one death has been identified, a dog belonging to iCookie named Monica. However some blame Ashford for the incident. MrSuperRed is suing the Ashford government due to the destruction of his house.

Ashford, Pelican Hills, Future City, and Ferron threaten war. The Hellominers NASA are watching Solaris carefully while it seems that Dylad is covering up. He denied all accusation of missiles being launched. RavenCorps says that missiles were launched at Ferron and Oasis too, however this has yet to be confirmed.

Hopefully we can avoid a nuclear war. But for now war seems likely due to Ultra_Pro a owner of Solaris saying that he fired another shot. However Dylad, another owner denies the launching of the nukes. More updates coming soon.