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Target mini mart in River City

Target is a growing shop around HelloClan MC. They provide most materials that are obtainable. They are located in ValleyCity, RiverCity, and USA. The main headquarters/shop is in ValleyCity behind the ValleyCity Mall in between ICA and KFC (Kyle's Fried Chicken). All products come from a farm and not an indoor factory that sits there for days before getting put into the market.


Target was founded on October 25, 2013 by Bhoppy2 and wilkinator9. It started out as a small shop in ValleyCity then expanded to RiverCity during the RiverCity grand opening. Months later, emopplrock was introduced into the company as co-owner. This brought a Target USA in the business chain.


Profit: 1,000f to 5,000f a day

Founders: Bhoppy2 and wilkinator9

Employees: emopplrock (co-owner)

Locations: RC, VC, USA

Business color(s): Red